Document templates and other resources relevant to interaction and user experience design..

Design and Wire-framing Tools

Inclusion on this list does not constitute a recommendation.  I have not used these tools in earnest.  However, these are certainly worth looking at and making up your own mind.  There are plenty more out there; please let me know of any that you find useful.


Creates navigable web and app prototypes.  Very widely used.  Paid for with a free trial.  Special arrangements for students.


One of the first widely available prototyping tools.  Designs have the appearance of being hand-drawn thus emphasising that they are ephemeral prototypes.  Downloaded or on-line, charged for but with a free trial.


A prototyping, collaboration and work-flow platform.  Fremium with special arrangements for students.


A user experience design platform.  Charged for product with a 30 day free trial.

Documentation Templates

Glossary Template

Records and defines specific terms understood by the people carrying out tasks that the designed software will support.

Task Scenario Template

Records an instance of one task carried out by a user of the software under design.

User Profile Template

Lists characteristics of a particular user group that are relevant to the interaction design of software.

Usability Requirements Document Template

Records usability requirements identified for the software under development, in conformance with Common Industry Specifications for Usability – Requirements v0.88.

Evaluation Resources


The ‘Rolls-Royce’ of software usability labs allowing sophisticated recording and viewing functions.


Guerilla usability testing on the Mac, popular and widely used.

Incidentally, the developers came up with the idea when they visited my usability lab as potential clients.  They realised that much of the functionality they were after could be provided much cheaper in software… and the rest was history.  😐

Guidance and Advice

Government Digital Service

Site of the team responsible for UK government websites.  Full of useful information, guidance and examples.

Interaction Design Foundation

Source of authoritative open source literature on interaction design.

Nielsen Norman Group

Consultancy and training company run by Jacob Nielsen and Don Norman.  There are numerous reports and articles on the site, and if you sigh up for their newsletter you get an interesting weekly read on a hot topic in interaction design.

Professionalism and Careers


The American Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction is a leading international society for professionals, academics and students who are interested in human-technology & human-computer interaction.


The specialist HCI group of the British Computer Society, formerly known as The British HCI Group.  Interaction is the longest-established and largest national group in Europe devoted to HCI.

User Experience Competency Framework: UXCF

Collates the information on the formal definition of UX competency, and aims to define UX model curricula for short courses, modules and degrees.

User Experience Professionals’ Association

The UK Chapter of this not-for-profit organisation, promoting user centered design and supporting UX practitioners.

Standards and Specific Guidance

Android: Material Design

Apple: iOS Human Interface Guidelines

BBC: Mobile Accessibility Guidelines

Health & Social Care Information Centre: Common User Interface (CUI)

Very detailed guidance on the design of interfaces for healthcare information systems.

Task Analysis Tools

ConcurTaskTrees Environment (CTTE)

A tool for editing and analysis of task models for design of interactive applications.  It is open source so free to use.


Fully featured task analysis software.  Proprietary product, the business is currently up for sale (Oct 2013).

The Human Factors Workbench

An integrated set of human factors tools designed to support a wide range of analyses that are typically carried out in safety critical systems in the healthcare, chemical processing, aviation, power generation and other industries.  Proprietary product.


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